Stage2 2

Stage 3 consists of the internal fittings and will commence around July 2017

It is conceived the work will consist of the following:

  • Building mezzanine activity/meeting/storage Rooms

  • Building/buying a paint booth

  • Relocating shipping containers

  • Installing dust extraction

  • Gardening and barbeque works

  • Other stuff to make shed life beautiful

  • Official Opening

New (2nd Hand) Paint Booth
Sept 2017

A 2nd Hand Paint Booth has been acquired. The Savings in cost over a new system are substantial and allow us to use the excess funds for other necessities.

Already, the quality of painted articles has improved. We now have plenty of room to to sand, undercoat, paint and dry our timber products.

Mezzanine - Framework
Dec 2017

Mezzanine - Insulation
Feb 2018

Mezzanine - Plasterboard
Sept 2018

Mezzanine and Shed Update
Nov 2018

A final effort in November finished all the plastering, archtraves and painting.
Hand rails were installed along the stairs, plus safety treads.

Mezzanine - Finishing the painting
Mar 2019

Permanent Barbeque Area
December 2018

A group effort by shedders and volunteers created this amazing, relaxing area.
Bunnings donated the large stainless barbeque, and with donations we were able
to lay some concrete, and purchase a roof.
We get lovely sea breezes in the summer, so we often see shedders relaxing by the barbeque.

Finished Garden Area
Feb 2019

Graham Miller took on the task of making our garden area, and he did a great job. 

We are growing corn, chillies, tomatoes and passionfruit.

No doubt this area will grow (pardon the pun).

We are officially open - May 3 2019

Mayor Denise Knight and Ken Ryan 

officially open the Howards Street Men's Shed

in front of guests and members

on May 3rd 2019.