Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed

We love to give back to the Community.

The video and articles below are our way of saying thankyou to our local Community of Coffs Harbour.

Big Thanks

Morning Robert

On behalf of Sawtell SLSC can I sincerely thank the team at Coffs Harbour Mens Shed for their great work in bringing the Cassius (or what is left of it) back to its former glory.

The Cassius now stands proudly in the corner of our auditorium. I have attached two photos for your records.

You may be interested in the name. When the Club was looking at raising funds for a new surfboat someone put forward the idea of naming it after Cassius Clay (before he became Muhammad Ali). A letter was sent to Cassius asking for his support but alas no reply.

I believe the Cassius came to a sudden end whilst competing in a carnival at North Beach and what you have repaired was what was able to be salvaged.

A Certificate of Appreciation will be sent by snail mail.

Once again many, many thanks

Bruce MacPhail
Sawtell SLSC


$299 Donation to the Coffs Hospital

The shed donated a refurbished piano keyboard to the Mental Health Ward at the Coffs Base Hospital.

The piano is so old it couldn't be tuned, so was replaced for the entertainment of the patients.

Really, it wasn't this bad...

$3000 Donation to the Gilgandra Men's Shed

We raised $3000 to send to the Gilgandra Men's Shed to aid in drought assistance for families in need.

Pallets for Kids School

Submitted photo of the A-frame pallets we made for Bunnings, who donated and installed at the school behind the Men's Shed.

We also built and donated a cubby house.

Software for Council

Ray Meyer designed software to help the media department at the Coffs Harbour Council.

In order to streamline images that are archived, Ray Meyer designed and implemented a program to automatically reduce images and label with required information. 3 seperate images are produced, and stored in different folders, ready to store around the network. The automation reduced labour times from 10 minutes to 30 seconds per session.

Gift for the Community
8th August 2017

The Men's Shed had made 2 boards with a variety of small common devices for the Coffs Harbour Hospital as a donation.Tom Skinner reported today that both boards for the rehabilitation unit at the Hospital to train fine motor skills of stroke patients are completed. Warren Sangers wife Jane has kindly painted both boards in bright colourful scenes.

A big thankyou to all involved in this project.

Cex Car Club Donation


 Presentation by Tony Goninan to Bill Denham and the
 Cex Car Club. Mon. April 3rd, 2017.

 On behalf of the Coffs Mens Shed, Wayne Crivell and Tony Goninan constucted and finished a solid rosewood jewel box as a donation to one of our ongoing sponsors, the Cex Car Club, for their efforts in raising a large amount of money for donation of equipment desperately needed at the oncology department of our local hospital.
The jewel box was presented on Mon. April 3rd and was gratefully accepted by the club.
A plaque depicting the contribution of the Mens Shed will be attached to one of the stands donated.
Extreme thanks from the car club has been passed on to the Mens Shed through Tony, for their community contribution.

Donation back to the Coffs Harbour Hospital