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A tribute to Ken Hall

Ken was an extremely hard worker and believed in the benefits of the Shed and the early efforts in Rotary to get a shed going.

He was on the early Steering Committee in 2009 and made a fine contribution to getting the Shed established. His firm, Advance Metal Industries and Ken, provided all the frames for the six or eight workbenches which are used daily in the Shed.

Ken was instrumental in getting the initial Government Grant of $75,000 which gave us the credibility with the Council, which enabled the Shed to get underway. He was also the man responsible for producing the "Rules of the Shed" which are displayed in the lunch room.

Unfortunately, Ken had some health problems over the past few years and we haven't seen much of him in the Shed.

Ken Howe gave an Eulogy at Ken's funeral on October 10.

Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words about Ken. I have had the pleasure to work with Ken in the 40 plus years he was with the Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour, that's half a lifetime.

Ken was inducted into Rotary in 1977 and he took his time to see what he was most comfortable with and interested in. With his boundless energy and ability, he was soon invited to join the board and in fact, served as President in 83/84.

A great family man, Ken had quickly become involved with many Youth Programmes that Rotary offered and he and Shirley hosted many an exchange student at their home and they also involved their children in these programmes.

I think one of my fondest memories and fun with the Halls was on a Club organised trip in 1987 to the Rotary International Convention in Munich. We were away for several weeks and a pre-convention Friendship Exchange in Denmark had been organised which included a lot of bus travel. One of the team members said it was great, sight seeing all day and partying half the night. Well, most of us would enjoy a bit of a kip on the bus, but Ken with his endless energy and being an avid photographer, would take great delight in waiting to see who went to sleep and then get videos of them, preferably with their mouths open.

Another treasured moment I have is at the BIG Club where Ken was bestowed with his Paul Harris Fellowship and I had the task of hiding Shirley and the children until after he was presented with his gong. All went well, and Ken was blown away by having his family there to congratulate him at the surprise ceremony.

In his Presidency, he had the Rotaract Club rechartered and he received the letter from the local 'Ostomy Society' that sowed the seed for the BowelScan Programme. Ken championed "Bowel Screening" in Coffs Harbour and it was his baby, and he and Shirley for years put a lot of energy and effort into it.

Ken received a Sapphire for his Paul Harris award in recognition of his years of service.

In closing, Ken saw the benefit of Men's Sheds and became involved with the Coffs Harbour Rotary Men's Shed programme and served on the early steering committee and made a huge contribution in getting a Shed established.

Goodbye Ken I hope Peter can keep up with you.

Our New Shed - Full Pictures

We are officially open...
3rd May 2019

Mayor Denise Knight and

Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed President Ken Ryan

officially unveil the Commemmorative Plaque

and officially open the new Men's Shed in Howard Street

Click to watch the video

Barbeque Area gets a facelift
March 2019

Thanks to donations from Council, Bunnings and generous Members, plus the efforts of Shedders, our Barbeque and Garden area is now a much more pleasant area to socialise, and catch that beautiful sea breeze.

Mezzanine and Shed Update
December 2018

A lot of work has gone into finishing the Mezzanine area, the car park has been line marked, the barbeque area is finished in time for Christmas, and we had a successful sausage sizzle fund raising.

Mezzanine and Shed Update
September 2018

During the September "Spring Clean" members regrouped and installed the gyprock walls and ceilings. 

After the plaster work was complete, the lighting was connected, windows installed, and the plasterboard was prepped ready to paint.

NBN is connected
April 2018

After 17 months the NBN is finally connected, and we have both internet access and a new phone number. Please call 6651 4159 to speak to our office staff during opening hours.

Mezzanine and Shed Update
January 2018

A walk through the shed shows the work carried out so far to complete the mezzanine level. The ceiling rafters are finished, windows are in, and the lower level of gyprock is in place. 

Just waiting on a 'lifter' to place the plasterboard on the ceilings. Peter Jackson has worked hard to complete the wash section at the Paint Booth. 

There is ample storage and extra work spaces for prep work, prior to painting. 

Well done Pete!

Annual General Meeting
13th December 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held this morning with 33 members in attendance. President Alan Larkin opened the proccedings by welcoming members. Alan gave a short talk on the progress of the shed in the past year, followed by personally thanking the many hardworking members who chipped in with the large move from Marcia Street, as well as the hardworking team who built the internal structures. 

Next, Treasurer John Gregory gave a detailed report of the finances, both at this point last year, and current balances. Membership at this time is 135 paid up members, substantially up on this time last year. Alan then stood the Committee down, and Doug Simpson named the new Committee of unopposed nominees, followed by a vote for the vacant Vice President position. Graham Miller kindly offered himself as a candidate, which was seconded and unopposed.

Barbeque for Members after the AGM
December 2017

After the Meeting, members went about their business as usual. These photos capture members working on their projects. Around lunch time Dave Churchyard organised a 'sausage sanger' barbeque for all present. The mood was very positive with members agreeing that the new shed is a great success. Hard work by members has achieved stunning results in comparison to only 8 months ago when Marcia Street was our home.

Dinner with Friends
26th Sept. 2017

Members of the Rotary South Club provide dinner for Committee Members of the Men's Shed, at our new shed. The group was given the grand tour by President Alan Larkin, followed by a barbeque dinner and drinks. 

"In years gone by they've been supporters to us. At one time Peter Rheinberger was the Secretary on the Board when Rotary was running the Men's Shed, and they contributed some money in the early days, and they've just come down to see what's grown out of the contribution from their Rotary Club as well as other Rotary Clubs."    ... Alan Larkin

Open Days

Men's Shed week in September. This is our first Open Day in the New Shed.

Committee meets in New Shed for the first time...
15th June 2017

The Coffs Harbour Men's Shed Committee meets for the first time inside the new Men's Shed in Howard Street. Present were Alan Larkin (President), Ken Howe, Ken Ryan, Ray Meyer, Tom Skinner, Dave Churchyard, Robert Houston, Bob White, and Guest - Ordinary Member - Roger Harris. As usual, ordinary matters were discussed, the financial position outlined, and a discussion on the Paint Room with decisions made regarding size, filtering and financing made. Guest Roger Harris offered some excellent observations which were discussed at length.

Rotary Barbeque
April 2017

The Coffs Harbour Rotary Club visited the shed and got the grand tour. President Alan Arkin welcomed the Rotarians, followed by a barbeque dinner. 

The Men's Shed was gifted a certificate for distinguished service to the Community.

Newsletter Images
April 2017

Pictures supplied by Doug Simpson

Newsletter Images
Feb - March 2017

Pictures supplied by Doug Simpson

New Mens Shed Construction nearly done
January 2017

A visit to the construction site of the new Coffs Harbour Mens Shed shows great progress over the summer months. Not quite at lock up stage yet, and there is currently no power, but the new address promises more freedom of movement due to parking and larger work bays. As it's right by the ocean there should be nice sea breezes, and the extra 'clear' surrounds provides privacy.