Message from the President
January 18 2018

From the Coffs Harbour Men’s Shed management committee, a happy, healthy and safe 2018 to all members and their families. I would also like to welcome the new Committee.

In the near future we will be celebrating the official opening of the Shed. This will be a huge event in our Shed’s history. I believe our Shed is second to none and with the final occupancy certificate we can look forward to the completion of a wonderful facility. Finally, if any member has any suggestions or complaints etc please don’t hesitate to talk to a Committee member.

Enjoy the Shed.
Ken Ryan

From the President 
June 2017

The new shed is now pretty well up and running. Most of the machines are now connected to the power and we can now focus on getting back into business. The jobs are rolling in and we need to get cracking to build up our finances to fund further developments and machine upgrades. It is well worth commenting on the sterling efforts put in by a handful of faithful shedders over this last few weeks. To those of you who have bent your backs to get things set up I give a hearty thank you. You are awesome! I was absent for quite a bit of the time during May but each time I came to the shed great changes were evident and lots of our precious stuff has been sorted and sent to the tip. The guy at the tip was amazed at the amount of stuff we got rid of.

Your committee has held its first meeting in the new shed and we are already planning projects to settle things in. Our webmaster Ray Meyer has accepted an invitation to formally join the committee. He has a wealth of admin and business experience and is going to look at our methods to see if they can be streamlined to assist Tom and David in the office.

It is of some concern already that Tom and David are being swamped for time to time, even though we still don’t have a phone or internet connection and probably won’t for some time. We will need to again implement the structure we started at the old shed to spread the load, with people directing enquiries to the suitable person instead of just to the managers. I will review all this over the next month and we may need some more volunteers. As part of the ongoing plans for the shed, the committee has decided proceed with a number of grant applications.

   1. A grant from Coffs Council to complete the upstairs mezzanine floor with three rooms, metal stairs, disabled chair lift and metal balustrade, plus a female toilet. This will have a budget around $70,000 if successful.

   2. A grant to establish the paint shop area. We are proposing to build a room similar in size to the new office and install a 4mt filter wall system at a cost of around $11,000. The total budget will be for about $17,000. Part of the grant will be for 2 dust scrubbers to be hung from the roof near the machine area to filter any airborne dust from the air. I understand these units are very affective. Sanding and prep will be completed over some vacuum sanding tables to minimise local dust.

Personal cupboard space. 
Because we do not have space to allow all members to have a cupboard or draw to store personal stuff on site it has been decided that this practice from the old shed will not be available now. Locks have been removed from all doors and drawers around benches. If you had personal stuff in a cupboard or draw best come and collect it ASAP.

The car hoist we had has been sold to a guy from Armidale in the last few days. Money from this sale is going to be allocated to getting our shipping containers finally on site and repaired ready for timber storage in the back yard.
Goals for the next few weeks.
1.     Organise and establish the storeroom next to engineering.
2.     Clear out finished jobs from the kitchen area and set up more tables for meal times.
3.     Connect power to the benches.
4.     Collect/install racks and a table currently being stored by Ken Howe.
5.     Install the containers in the back yard.
6.     Mount defibrillator to sick room wall when delivered along with new first aid box.

Reminder Notice.
Shed membership runs out at the end of the month. Membership fee $40 is due from 1st July 2017.   All members will be asked to fill in a fresh membership form with complete contact details so our files can be updated. Quite a few emails have changed and not all members are being kept informed.

Alan Larkin

From the President
26th June 2017

Good news.
We have won a grant of $37,300 to complete the framing, stairs and upstairs toilet.
We can start very soon on these projects. Watch this space. Some helping hands may be needed.

Alan Larkin

Message from the Vice President - Ken Ryan 
May 6, 2017

As of Thursday 4th May, a large amount of material, tools, cupboards, work benches have been delivered to Howard Street. This has been achieved with a lot of effort by several of our members who have unselfishly used their private transport together with our Men’s Shed ute.
The mezzanine at the old shed has been cleared and the showground storage was also cleared on time.
The kitchen, toilets and disabled toilet areas are complete except for painting. The office area has been erected and in the process of being completed.
Most of the work benches and associated cupboards are now in place and the set-up of the storeroom and machine shop is progressing.
Most significantly, the very heavy machines (large band saw, metal lathe, heavy wood lathe, large thicknesser and panel saw) were moved by the generosity of Tom at Barry Smith Engineering. (Thanks to Ron Braun) Tom supplied the truck with hyab and some of his staff and they picked up and delivered all these item in about 2 hours. Some of us “old fellas”  watched and wondered – I’m sure we could not have moved them as quickly and efficiently as Tom and his men.
Power is currently being connected to the work bench area and our solar power system is delivering close to its rated 10Kw.
On behalf of the committee, I would like to give a great big thankyou to all involved in the ongoing move.
We still have a way to go and hopefully the new shed is fully operational in 3-4 weeks.
Ken Ryan
Vice President.