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2018 Committee Members

Other elected Committee Members are:

Peter Jackson
David Churchyard (Health and Welfare Officer)
Brian Franklin
David Harnett
Barry Guest
Ray Meyer (Webmaster)

AGM December 13th 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held this morning with 33 members in attendance.

     President Alan Larkin opened the proccedings by welcoming members. Alan gave a short talk on the progress of the shed in the past year, followed by personally thanking the many hardworking members who chipped in with the large move from Marcia Street, as well as the hardworking team who built the internal structures.

     Next, Treasurer John Gregory gave a detailed report of the finances. both at this point last year, and current balances. Membership at this time is 135 paid up members, substantially up on this time last year.

     Alan then stood the Committee down, and Doug Simpson named the new Committee of unopposed nominees, followed by a vote for the vacant Vice President position. Graham Miller kindly offered himself as a candidate, which was seconded and unopposed.

Barbeque for Members after the AGM December 13th 2017

After the Meeting, members went about their business as usual.

These photos capture members working on their projects.
Around lunch time Dave Churchyard organised a 'sausage sanger' barbeque for all present.
The mood was very positive with members agreeing that the new shed is a great success.
Hard work by members has achieved stunning results in comparison to only 8 months ago when Marcia Street was our home.

Dinner with friends

Thursday 26th Sept. 2017

Members of the Rotary South Club provide dinner for Committee Members of the Men's Shed, at our new shed.

"In years gone by they've been supporters to us. At one time Peter Rheinberger was the Secretary on the Board when Rotary was running the Men's Shed, and they contributed some money in the early days, and they've just come down to see what's grown out of the contribution from their Rotary Club as well as other Rotary Clubs." Alan Larkin

The group was given the grand tour by President Alan Larkin, followed by a barbeque dinner and drinks.

July 2017 Newsletter  by Doug Simpson

Pic 1: Finally the Council have sealed our carpark.
Finally the Council have sealed our carpark. Project Manager Peter Jackson surveys the expanse last week. Hopefully the workers got their levels right and we will not be swamped next cloudburst. We are now moving closer to having occupancy !

Pic 2: Adrian Craig has refitted the legs of this table. Commmission job. Nice work, but not my cuppa.

Pic 3: Barry Butler enjoys his turning. A multi skilled new member.

Pic 4: Graham Evelyn finishes a cutting board. One of the outstanding workers during our relocation.

Thanks to our sparkies Bill Ken and Brian for getting the panel saw back in action. We were lost without it. Well done.

Grant Applications:
The finance people have applied for $4000 for a grant towards a MIG welder and milling machine.

Another grant for the proposed paint shop and spray booth totalling $13,500 is sought also.

New Sick Bay:
The defibrillator and new first aid kit are now installed in the “sick bay”. Apparently you don’t need a licence to drive the defib. As it prompts any operator. Luke Hartsukker presented these a few weeks ago.

Fees for 2017-18 were due a month ago. About 40 financials so far.

Ken Ryan informs me that he has not managed to install the auto starts on all our workshop machines dust extraction yet. Please be aware that you should check to see if sawdust and shavings are being taken after switch on.

Slippage of feed rollers on the thicknesser has occurred lately. This is mainly due to build up of sappy resin with prolonged pine machining. Not a lot we can do about this except for vigilance, cleaning and definitely no paint removal.

A message from shed manager Tom. Please don’t criticise the methods being used by members on construction or repair jobs. If help is SOUGHT you may make suggestions. Otherwise butt out as some people are very sensitive.

We now have a Missing board in the shed. Everyone is looking for the new location of some particular tool (or project) especially since the move. Use the supplied whiteboard marker on the board to register a missing item. Maybe like me you put something down in a remote place while you are working – (dem …..)

Welcome Ray Johnson to the shed. Ex Railcorp electrical.

A decree from the Management Committee. Fork Lift - NO TICKET, NO DRIVE

I have lately put on Gumtree some finished projects and our collection of nuts and bolts, inherited from Thriftylink hardware. If you have contacts in the heavy construction business, inform them . Great value with storage bins and racks.

Cheers Doug.

June 2017 Newsletter   by Doug Simpson

Pic 1: President Al chasing a groove in the floor. Think I understand his hearing problem
( hint : invisible ear muffs).

Pic 2: David Wickham showing his understanding of the Record lathe using a steady rest to make a walking stick.

Pic 3: Tony Winter’s first try at a lathe. A pleasure to teach the teacher.

Pic 4: Scotty seems pleased with his segmented goblet. Note before and after.

Pic 5: Now wall mounted, we hope that these will always be accessible through careful racking.

First some progress news following our relocation:

Some temporary flooring has been placed above the office and on the mezzanine floor, allowing some above floor storage.

Our 2 containers are about to be delivered and craned into the yard.

Thanks to stalwart Ken Howe for the donation of heavy duty shelving.

Most heavy machinery has now been installed with underfloor cabling eliminating the need for extension cords. 

All erected Gyprock has been painted, and the donated Masters 6 drawer.

Storage units are in place waiting to be loaded. Tom Skinner has vinyl ready to label the contents of each (vital)

News from Alan on June 25th.- We have won a grant of $37,300 to complete the framing, stairs, and upstairs toilet.


We have taken in many work orders lately for commission jobs. Volunteers are needed to manage each order. Perhaps you could be in partnership or in a team to help with the backlog. I like the listings shown on the whiteboard near the first aid room. All stray tools and materials can now be grouped and stored. See Tom.

Now that power is available, we notice them being used by learners and serious turners. Also noticed our resident plasterer Bruce McConnell trying it out.

I’m using my Editor’s right to winge about smoking in or close to the shed. As much as I enjoy being with you all, I am concerned that myself and others are put off by inhaling the smoke of others. We have always had a transient population of members, but I suspect that we are losing good members partly because they don’t like smoke. Call me precious, I know there is nothing worse than a reformed smoker ( me) Sorry, but I have had some sad memories of departed friends/relatives. It’s illegal and anti social in most places now, so please do the right thing in OUR shed.

We are grateful for the $3000 donation of AEG power tools to the shed via Bunnings and AEG. They are the most advanced portable tools available with great features. Also donated were marking out tools to replace depleted and inaccurate items.

We now have a compost bin outside for food scraps. Please separate your plastic wrapping and use the green bucket and compost bin as at home. A few spades of dirt on the compost should encourage the worms.

Nice work Ron for organising this. Friday 12.30.

We welcome the following new members, some of whom have been extremely valuable already in the shed relocation.

Martin Bruce 
Bruce Evans 
Gordon Evelyn
David Fitzsimmons 
Simon Greenway 
Jason Lister
Shawn McCabe 
Bruce McConnell 
Fred Pearson

Cheers Doug.

Committee Meets in New Shed for the first time...

June 15, 2017 - The Coffs Harbour Men's Shed Committee meets for the first time inside the new Men's Shed in Howard Street. Present were Alan Larkin (President), Ken Howe, Ken Ryan, Ray Meyer, Tom Skinner, Dave Churchyard, Robert Houston, Bob White, and Guest - Ordinary Member - Roger Harris.

As usual, ordinary matters were discussed, the financial position outlined, and a discussion on the Paint Room with decisions made regarding size, filtering and financing made. Guest Roger Harris offered some excellent observations which were discussed at length.

Next scheduled meeting is July 12th.

March 2017 News

The new shed organisation following Roberts workload downsizing, seems to be well underway. You should have received 3 information letters directly from Allan (unless you don’t do emails). More volunteers are welcomed. Incidentally, if you do not wish to incur the wrath of John Gregory and the shed administration, please notify the office of any email address changes, new or extra phone numbers or other changes by a new INFORMATION SHEET available at the office. Also it helps if your printing is legible. John is not good at Heiroglyphics. 

Commission jobs
 have been a bit scarcer lately. This may be a good thing for the next few months as we transit between sheds.

We do need
saleable items for the Thursday Hub stall however. I have recently started a stool project and could use anyone at a loose end ( No pun intended).

There has been a box with
superfluous tools near the sign on book. Feel free to take a few home as they will not then need transfer to the new shed. If in doubt, please ask. Alan has reminded us that unclaimed projects from upstairs will be confiscated early next month then despatched to the tip. Consider yourselves warned (again) 

Please make
welcome any potential new member – even if you are half way through your morning tea muffin. That’s why we have visitor’s cups. First impressions are important so don’t ignore these people.

February 2017 News

Members were disappointed to hear of the resignation of Robert Houston as shed manager. During his 4+ years in this position, Robert has borne the brunt of all immediate challenges within the shed and organised suitable solutions. The phone rings incessantly, and all visitors seem intent on having Robert’s ear even if a queue is obvious. Thank you Robert (and Deidre) from the members for your great work over this time. We will have to learn to share his responsibilities with the transfer to the new shed imminent. We hope your days will be comparatively stress free but look forward to you passing on your “ know how” to a new team of administrators. Robert has reportedly offered to come in on Mondays and Fridays.

Late Mail – We have been invited to Bunnings again this Saturday to do the sausage sandwich thing. Dave would love to get a few more volunteers even if only for a 2 hour shift.

Tom Skinner has been wounded by a stationary turning chisel. Unfortunately he had apparently just sharpened it , and it attacked a right hand finger doing damage to a tendon. We miss your smiling face Tom - Come back soon.

We had a break in
at the new shed last week. Two LED ceiling lights worth $300 each were stolen . It shows how vulnerable we are to forced entry at such a remote site. Plans are in place for better security. During lunch a few days later, at the “Table of Wisdom” a few ideas were floated to deter thieves. Razor wire, back to base alarms, better lighting etc were all mentioned. Attack dogs were thought to be a good idea until some naysayer thought they would be sedated by the thieves with a lobbed meat projectile. New member Warren Sanger foiled this by suggesting VEGETARIAN Dobermans !

January 2017 News

We are very fortunate to have the expertise of Tom Skinner and his builder mate Robert available this week to cut and install the internal frames. 

The floor plan shown being revised by Tom, is viewable in the old shed conference room. 

No suggestions please at this stage –Toms’s wick is short.

The next stage is to add plumbing and electricity within the walls before Gyprocking. 

President Allan’s call for solid cardboard boxes was quickly satisfied, however more may be needed later as more storage space becomes available. The move between sheds will be a mammoth task.

Our lease time will expire quickly , so keep some time available over the next few months.

New Mens Shed Under Construction

A visit to the construction site of the new Coffs Harbour Mens Shed shows great progress over the summer months.
Not quite at lock up stage yet, and there is currently no power, but the new address promises more freedom of movement due to parking and larger work bays.
As it's right by the ocean there should be nice sea breezes, and the extra 'clear' surrounds provides privacy.

Progress photos of the shed build...