Our New Howard St Shed

For a detailed look at the progress of the new Men's Shed in Howard Street

NBN is connected
April 2018

After 17 months the NBN is finally connected, and we have both internet access and a new phone number.

Please call 6651 4159 to speak to our office staff during opening hours.

Mezzanine and Shed Update
22nd January 2018

A walk through the shed shows the work carried out so far to complete the mezzanine level.

The ceiling rafters are finished, windows are in, and the lower level of gyprock is in place. 

Just waiting on a 'lifter' to place the plasterboard on the ceilings.

Peter Jackson has worked hard to complete the wash section at the Paint Booth. 

There is ample storage and extra work spaces for prep work, prior to painting. Well done Pete!

Annual General Meeting 
13th December 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held this morning with 33 members in attendance.
President Alan Larkin opened the proccedings by welcoming members. Alan gave a short talk on the progress of the shed in the past year, followed by personally thanking the many hardworking members who chipped in with the large move from Marcia Street, as well as the hardworking team who built the internal structures. Next, Treasurer John Gregory gave a detailed report of the finances. both at this point last year, and current balances. Membership at this time is 135 paid up members, substantially up on this time last year. Alan then stood the Committee down, and Doug Simpson named the new Committee of unopposed nominees, followed by a vote for the vacant Vice President position. Graham Miller kindly offered himself as a candidate, which was seconded and unopposed.

Barbeque for Members after the AGM
December 2017

After the Meeting, members went about their business as usual.
These photos capture members working on their projects.
Around lunch time Dave Churchyard organised a 'sausage sanger' barbeque for all present.
The mood was very positive with members agreeing that the new shed is a great success.
Hard work by members has achieved stunning results in comparison to only 8 months ago when Marcia Street was our home.

Dinner with Friends
26th Sept. 2017

Members of the Rotary South Club provide dinner for Committee Members of the Men's Shed, at our new shed. 
The group was given the grand tour by President Alan Larkin, followed by a barbeque dinner and drinks. 

"In years gone by they've been supporters to us. 
At one time Peter Rheinberger was the Secretary on the Board when Rotary was running the Men's Shed,
and they contributed some money in the early days, and they've just come down to see what's grown out
of the contribution from their Rotary Club as well as other Rotary Clubs."    ... Alan Larkin

Committee Meets in New Shed for the first time...
June 15, 2017

The Coffs Harbour Men's Shed Committee meets for the first time inside the new Men's Shed in Howard Street.
Present were Alan Larkin (President), Ken Howe, Ken Ryan, Ray Meyer, Tom Skinner, Dave Churchyard,
Robert Houston, Bob White, and Guest - Ordinary Member - Roger Harris.

As usual, ordinary matters were discussed, the financial position outlined, and a discussion on the Paint Room
with decisions made regarding size, filtering and financing made. 
Guest Roger Harris offered some excellent observations which were discussed at length.

New Mens Shed Construction nearly done
January 2017

A visit to the construction site of the new Coffs Harbour Mens Shed shows great progress over the summer months.
Not quite at lock up stage yet, and there is currently no power,
but the new address promises more freedom of movement due to parking and larger work bays.
As it's right by the ocean there should be nice sea breezes, and the extra 'clear' surrounds provides privacy.