The New Men's Shed News


After 6 years the Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed has commenced construction
of a new Shed on land in Howard Street licenced from Coffs Harbour City Council.

This first stage of the project referred to as "the laying of the slab" has been entirely funded by two grants. Initial funding was provided by the NSW Goverment 2011 Community Building Partnership Program and this was backed up by a grant from the Coffs Harbour City Council Community Capital Infrastructure Grant Program 2015-2016.

The Men's Shed extends a big thank you to both the NSW Government
and the Coffs Harbour City Council for these grants.

Stage 1 consists of 
Signing the licence agreement for the land (signed 26th Feb 2016)

Preparing the site including levelling, sewerage, drainage, water and electricity 
Preparing the site for concrete i.e. laying of re-enforcing steel, putting in cable conduits and plumbing points
Pouring the concrete

Publicity Shot - Breaking Ground - 28th April 2016

Photo Caption:
Men’s Shed president Dave Churchyard and Mayor Denise Knight turn the first sod at the new Men’s Shed development.

Photo and article courtesy Coffs Coast Advocate 30th April 2016

More photos of the day

Progress Photos - 3rd April 2016

Location of the new Coffs Harbour Men's Shed in Howard Street.

Progress Photos - 21st April 2016

The site has been graded and levelled.

Progress Photos - 28th April 2016

The slab area has been framed ready for the concrete pour.

Progress Photos - 29th April 2016

Pouring the slab

Progress Photos - 2nd May 2016

The slab is complete and  ready to build on.


Stage 2 on the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed new Shed project has commenced.
This second stage of the project is referred to as "building the basic shed".
The majority of the funding for this stage has been provided by Coffs Harbour City Council Community Capital Infrastructure Grant Program 2016-2017.

This significant grant provides a big step towards the realisation of
the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed dream of a new shed.

Stage 2 consists of
Ordering New Shed materials (11/09/16)
Erecting Shed
Electrical Fitout
Building of Toilet, Kitchen, Shed Office
Building Mezzanine Structure
Plumbing, Tiling and Wet Seal Works
Installation of Solar Electric System
Obtaining an Occupany Certificate (expected 12/05/17)
Moving In.

Progress Photos - Frame Work

Progress Photos - Cladding

Progress Photos - January 2017

A visit to the construction site of the new Coffs Harbour Mens Shed shows great progress over the summer months. Not quite at lock up stage yet, and there is currently no power, but the new address promises more freedom of movement due to parking and larger work bays. As it's right by the ocean there should be nice sea breezes, and the extra 'clear' surrounds provides privacy.

January 2017 News

Treasurer John with Project Manager Peter rejoicing in the progress of the new shed.

Since this photo was taken, the construction has continued
as follows: 

* Windows and roller doors are in.
* Personal Access doors are in (the shed is lockable)
* Roof Drainage is complete with no problems shown after 110 mm on Sunday.
* Solar hot water / panels are fitted
* Frames for internal walls will be finished on Monday 23/1.
* Perimeter plants are thriving
* Our underground tank is buried
* Yard aprons have been levelled
* Electrical fittings have been ordered by Bill.

Progress Photos - February 2017

Tony has contributed some new pics of the progress of the shed.

Adding internal walls

Working Bee to clad internal gyprock walls with rotary. 

Approx. 15 members attended. BBQ lunch. Good spirits & work completed. Now waiting for next step, that is, fixing out the plaster. Plants growing well and have mostly survived the hot weather. Rock barriers placed around bottom of fencing where req'd. LED lights very effective thanks mostly to Bill.

Photos supplied by Tony G

 Feb 2017 Shed update

Things are starting to move quickly towards moving into our new shed.

* The electrical wiring for the kitchen and toilets have been roughed in. Bill Tindall and his offsider Brian are busily getting the wiring in for the lights and various power distribution points around the building. The council has lent us a scissor lift to access the high points in the roof at no cost. They have been most accommodating at every turn to assist us in moving in.

* The plumbing has been roughed in for the toilets and kitchen as well as the solar hot water system on the roof. They have also plumbed in our fire hydrant reels and mounted them to the walls.

* We have also placed a firm order for a mezzanine floor to be erected by Newstyle Sheds (Fair dinkum sheds) over the whole area from the kitchen all the way down to the end of the planned store room. This will cover almost 1/3rd of the shed area and should be finished by the end of March ready for us to move in. We can thank Mr Warren Skinner and the Calcutta he organised for the Coffs race day. His generous donation of the full proceeds has paid for about 75% of the cost.

* An order has been placed for the solar electrics on the roof. Sometime in the next few weeks this should happen as well.

* On Saturday 25th February Coffs Rotary Club had a working bee to fix the Gyrock and Villaboard linings to the framing. Once the joints have been set we can move on towards having the toilets etc in place. Hopefully this will satisfy council requirements and we can get the nod to move in.

* Shed member Ray Meyer has been working on our Men’s Shed website adding photos and upgrading the overall quality and presentation. If you have any photos of projects you have made in the shed please forward them to Ray.

Photo update March 29 2017

A selection of photos by Tony, showing construction work and internal fitouts of the new shed during March 2017. Thanks Tony.

March 2017 News

This photo shows the joists in place for the mezzanine floor. 

* A large area where job storage will be ORGANISED ! Progress has been steady since last month with some delay to the tiling and solar panels due to the wet weather. The Kitchen area is on the left. Our tiler at work on Monday in the disabled shower . Our thanks to Beaumont Tiles for their donation.

* On Thursday 23rd of March, our Mayor Denise Knight will visit the new shed and take part in a “film shoot “ to showcase the benefits of the Grants system in its construction.

Members move update April 30

Members move update May 5

We've Moved... 21st May 2012


A big thanks to all the members and volunteers who gave up their precious time.
Many members showed up every day to help. You know who you are...

The 'OLD' shed is empty, and the 'NEW' shed at Howard Street is being fitted to accommodate more members, better facilities, more office space, and new areas for future projects and member's needs.

Behind the scenes the Committee is ensuring that all the financial and legal responsibilities are being met. Soon the car park will be converted to a bitumen base thanks to the Coffs Harbour City Council, the NBN is being organised, grants are being pursued to pay for all the new extras required, and some members are taking a well earned break after 18 months of tremendous effort.

Car Park Resurfacing

July 2017
Nearing the final stage before Occupancy, Council graded and rolled some bitumen to make our car park up to spec.
Also, there are pics of members working on paying jobs to help support the Men's Shed.


Stage 3 consists of the Internal Fittings and will commence around july 2017

It is conceived the work will consist of the following:

Building Mezzanine Activity/Meeting/Storage Rooms
Building/buying a Paint Booth
Relocating Shipping Containers
Installing Dust Extraction
Gardening and BBQ works
Other stuff to make shed life beautiful

8th August 2017

Committee members of the shed attended the Coffs Harbour City Council Capital InfrastructureGrants Program 2017-2018 Presentation today. The Men's Shed is one of many Community Groups to get help from the Council to help with building projects like our mezzanine floor. 

This Video shows the presentation of Grants to various Community Groups.

The Coffs Harbour Men's Shed is very grateful for all the help we receive from the Coffs Council, both in funding and planning.

New Paint Booth

October 2017

A 2nd Hand Paint Booth has been acquired. The Savings in cost over a new system are substantial and allow us to use the excess funds for other necessities.

Already, the quality of painted articles has improved. We now have plenty of room to to sand, undercoat, paint and dry our timber products.

The Mezzanine

December 2017

With hard work by many members, the florr, walls and ceilings timbers have been installed. Electrical wiring is in place, the stairs are fitted and the electric chairlift is up (and down) and running. Please don't forget to leave the remote by the ChairLift....

The plan is for 5 rooms -  a small storage area, a Conference Room which can occupy 1 or 2 rooms via a divider, a computer room and 2 extra rooms for rent. The Conference room will have a wall projector for training and entertainment.

The pace has slowed as we approach the end of the year but will no doubt return after the new Committee is elected.