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Executive Committee 2018

Ken Ryan


Graham Miller

Vice President

Bob White


John Gregory


Ordinary Committee Members:

Robert Houston (Assistant Secretary), Ken Howe (Assistant Treasurer), Tom Skinner, Peter Jackson, David Churchyard, David Harnett, Ray Meyer, Barry Guest, Brian Franklin

Robert Houston / Dave Churchyard - Office Admin
Tom Skinner / Barry Guest - Woodwork Shop
Peter Jackson / Dave Harnett - Metalwork Engineering
Bob Neuhaus / Glen Cox - Paint Shop
John Gregory / Ray Meyer - Computer / Webmaster

Information to contact the Committee Members is available through Shed Management

Membership as of June 13, 2018 is 167 Members

  Management Email

Around the Shed - June 2018

A cold June didn't stop Shedders from enjoying some hobby work.
Many donated goods needed some TLC also.

Shedders at Work - May 2018

Here are some pics of shedders working on projects and paid jobs.
Repairing, reconstructing and finishing furniture is just one of the ways the Men's Shed earns it's income,
which is vital to the survival of the Shed.
Get involved and put your hand up to help. You will enjoy it...

Shed Update
22nd January 2018

Time to catch some "Shedders" in the act. Thanks for permission to display these.

2017 Christmas Party Video
12th December 2017

Went upmarket this year and shot some video and portraits (thanks to Les Grant) and made this short 7 minute tribute to the members who attended.
It's a little 'tongue in cheek' with Santa popping up all over the place.
Anyway, it's more for the records, so enjoy...
Ray Meyer

Shed Update
7th December 2017

A walk around the Shed today highlighted some updates recently completed.
A lot of 'jobs' get done by shedders as part of the ongoing committment to improve the Shed for all Members, including painting, building, wiring, cleaning, ordering, pickups and deliveries, removals and production of goods for customers. 
Today I photographed several new areas like the painted Containers, the enclosed metal working area, the continuation of the Mezzanine build etc.

Garage Sale and Open Day
9th September 2017

On Saturday 9th Sept. The Men's Shed held it's first garage sale in the new shed, and was well attended by shed members.
Some money exchanged hands, but the sale forced the setup of a permanent display area and storage for finished goods.

Well done fellas.

Shedders get a Paint Booth
September 2017

A successful Auction saw the Men's Shed acquire a 2nd hand Paint Booth, complete with lighting and extraction filters.

It came in way under budget as well.